June 16, 2018

Importance of Lightning Protection and Earthing Lightning is an awe-inspiring natural phenomenon that can discharge up to 200,000 amps in a fraction of a second. A direct strike can have devastating e ...Read More

June 1, 2018

Myth 1: Chemical Filled Electrodes are long lasting and maintenance free Corrosion resistance is one of the primary requirements from an effective electrode - it will determine the working life of the ...Read More

May 18, 2018

This short blog aims to guide you through the importantance of Cable Cleats as an accessory to professional cable management. Electromagnectic fields caused by the flow of current through cables induc ...Read More

May 4, 2018

Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC) is an innovative concept for Over Head (OH) power distribution. When compared to conventional bare conductor OH distribution systems, ABC provides higher safety and reliabil ...Read More



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